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Learn the art of Kalarippayat

The essence of Kalarippayat is to cleanse yourself, to get in tune with your environment, to strengthen, and to clear your path of all obstacles and barriers.

Online Kalari 

60 min

Live practice on Zoom 

Loha – warm-up exercises 
Vadivu – animal postures 
Dande – ground work 
Chuvadu – foot work forms 

Each session includes a recording that you can access for the duration of a week.

All levels are welcome!

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Presential group classes

Each Sunday in Alaró

10:30 - 12:30

First step into Kalarippayat 

Join ongoing Sunday group Classes in Alaró / Mallorca.


We have a limited number of spots. Previous reservation is necessary.

1 to 1 teaching

Online or presential

Personal Kalari Warrior Training
framed to your needs.


BASIC – 1 practice a day (morning)

INTERMEDIATE – 2 practices a day (morning & afternoon)

ADVANCED – 1 or 2 practices + Kalari Treatment 

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Spiritual & Life Coaching

If you are seeking for lasting ways to heal your body, mind, emotions and soul,

as well improving your relationships with those you love and the world around.


I offer you an beautiful life changing healing experience, which will help you to stop reacting to live, but start living your life. 

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The Kerala Kalarippayat Academy (KKA)

Since 1976 it is an institution dedicated to the development, dissemination and promotion of this martial art. It is located in the city of Kannur in the southern state of Kerala, India. The KKA teaches all three main styles of the Kalarippayat and the healing arts. The academy has several senior teachers trained by MC Sherif Gurukkal.

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