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The House 

of Power

Join our 4 days retreat in Mallorca. Dive into circular strength training with Indian Clubs and Martial Exercise.

Kiss of Kali

From Chaos to order

„Kiss of Kali“ is an playful  path of passion where energy is the only language that matter’s. From Chaos to order, from destruction to creation this „dance of life“ is an infinite movement into the unknown and as long you are breathing, every moment has the potential to be a new beginning. 


„Kiss of Kali“ is an invitation to get completely engaged with what you are doing, it is an opportunity to understand the power of your presents and to realise your own truth.


„Kiss of Kali“ is a pathway of healing out of the grips of fear into a life of power.  

Alexander Kutschera

Alexander Kutschera


Alexander has held a passion for martial arts and their respective philosophies ever since was a young boy. He practiced various Asian martial arts before finding Yoga in 1999. He took his first trip to India in 2008. Curious about local traditions, he eventually got introduced to Kalarippayat at the Kerala Kalarippayat Academy. He ended up staying for 2 years, studying the art under Gurukkal C.M. Sherif.
In 2011 Alexander returned as Senior Instructor of the KKA. Alex is known for his athletic ability and for paying close attention to the anatomy of movement as well as his ambition to unlock the individual potential of every student. For him, Kalarippayat is a blueprint for martial arts and movement, applicable for everyone ready to dive deep.

Spiritual & Life Coaching

If you are seeking for lasting ways to heal your body, mind, emotions and soul, as well improving your relationships with those you love and the world around - I offer you an beautiful life changing healing experience, which will help you to stop reacting to live, but start living your life.  

Body massage

Ayurvedic Foot Massage and Thai Yoga Massage - With ancient and modern physical healing techniques alike, releasing pressure, tension and anxiety from deep within your body mind and soul. In order to experience the freedom to remember who you are.

A gentle healing of your Organs an better blood flow, increased vitality in the body and an improved ability to focus on life’s deeper issues. 

The personal alignment of your body, mind and soul is the essence which creates your reality and everything within.

Thai Yoga Massage
Ayurvedic Foot Massage

A path of the warrior

Founded in 2013 in Berlin, Germany by senior Kalarippayat teacher: Alexander Kutschera.
The word “kalari” means “space” and “mura” the “way” in Malayalam and Tamil. Kalarimura refers to the spiritual Way of the Warrior where the key ingredients are: Martial Art, Yoga and Ayurveda.
Kalarimura provides extraordinary experiences and practices, helping people find a deeper kind of stillness, balance and clarity in modern life. What we do is unique, combining individual and group practices, together with a healthy dose of challenge, creativity, care and personal attention. Through an honest and dedicated practice we are crafting the Self. It is powerful antidote to the speed of our times, Kalarimura programmes and trainings help many kinds of people make a real difference in their lives.

Martial Arts Mallorca

Would you like to find a focus in your life?

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